A good leavening helps to improve the quality of the products, as well as the digestibility and the genuineness. Automatic fermenters allows to obtain softer dough, making it more digestible and drastically reducing the effects of yeast intollerance. ​


automatic fermenters for natural yeast

Automatic fermenters helps to obtain natural yeast constantly renewed, a softer and genuine dough and more digestible products.

Cella di lievitazione


Fast proofing for soft , no-wet and no-peel-off baking doughs.

proofer cabinets

Ideal for small or medium of baked doughs, suitable for artisanal bakeries.

generatore di vapore per cella lievitazione

steam generators

Steam generators allows to control the humidity inside the proofing room/cabinet, it also consent to speed up the leavening process.