UNILEV - mini retarder proofers


The proofer you needed

Designed with a compact design to maximise available space,
allowing to position it even under the oven.

Constant results without ‘peel off’ effect

Air circulation is uniform inside the proofer and this ensures production constant results. Values of humidity and temperature are constantly under control thanks to air flow regulation through ventilated refrigeration system run by electrical impulses and the stainless steel canalization system. This prevents the ‘peel of’ effect caused by ventilation and reduces electricity consumption.

Speed up proofing times

Using a steam generator allows to control humidity value inside the proofer/proofer cabinet, creating ideal environment conditions to speed up and optimize the proofing process.

Technical specs

– working temperature: from -9 °C to +45 °C
– modular structure composed of stainless steel panels
– reversible self-closing door
– inside brackets for trays

Model Dimensions (cm) Capacity (lt) Trays capacity Voltage Power (W) Weight (kg)
UNILEV 93x124x72h 400 8x (60×80) 230V-1-50Hz 1000 100
16x (60×40)