The leavening must pass through timing and delicate and precise process that often involve all the production, linking schedules and timelines. Retarding proofing rooms and cabinets are essential to optimize the sources for a bakery workshop by giving the chance to stop and pause the leavening proces and restarting it at a later time. With the retarder proofer you can shift the production at every time of the day by setting the desired timing for the baking, in order to reduce staff costs and increase the productivity during the weekday daily.

cella di fermalievitazione standard

standard retarder proofers

Standard retarder proofers are ideal for industrial production of seasoned doughs rich in fat or sugar that retain more water inside.

Cella fermalievita nordiko

nordiko retarder proofers

The Nordiko retarder proofers are ideal for industrial production of all kind of dough. It preserves fragrance and flavour thanks to longer proofing time, at low temperatures too.



Designed with a compact design to maximise available space, allowing to position it even under the oven.

armadio di fermalievitazione

retarder proofer cabinets

Retarder proofing cabinet is the ideal solution for small or medium productions of dough typically seasoned or pastry products.

retarder proofer benches

Retarder proofing benches give a practical solution with a reinforced that can bear heavy weights and hot trays, as just out of the oven.

impianto di fermalievitazione monoblocco

monoblock retarder proofing systems

Monoblock retarder proofing system is designed and developed to transfer SITEP's retarder proofer technology to your room, drastically reducing installation costs and times.