SITEP Products line and Equipment for bakery​

The product range of Sitep bakery equipment includes numerous products, created to develop the productive area of the bakery, pastry and pizza labs, ensuring reliability, ease of use and saving of time.

among our products there is the water chilling line, with the new EASY LINE accumulation water chillers, the water doser and mixer, proofing and retarder proofing rooms and cabinets.

Bakery Equipment born from passion and effort​

Sitep, with over thirty years of experience in prtoject and production of bakery equipment, is dedicated in develop systems and machines that can support and assist bakers not only in their productive activity, but also in improving the timing of production, factor that affects also on life’s quality of those working in this area.

Being able to postpone or pause the working process allows a better optimization of the working hours,  ensuring time saving to invest in other operations.

Sitep water metering line for example allows to earn one working hour every day, thanks to the dosing precision and the automation of these processes.

Sitep predisposition to 4.0 industry makes possible to remotely manage machinery and equipment in your laboratory, optimizing manufacturing times and costs and giving reliability and precision.

Choose the best equipment for your bakery workshop

Sitep knows bakers needs, and it’s ready to give technological solutions for every kind of necessity.

Every product from the Sitep equipment is designed to develop your bakery workshop productivity and cut costs.