Water chillers are essentials to cool the water destined to dough for food productions such bread and pasta. The water used in these processes is supplied at very low temperature and it's a very important step in the creation of your own product. For this reason it's fundamental to choose a water chiller that can give you a constant and precise temperature. The SITEP water chilling line is made by a wide range of models, and our sales department will assist you in choosing the best and most suitable to your needs.​

Refrigeratori ad accumulo Easy line: refrigeratori d'acqua per panificazione

easy line - accumulation water chillers

The result of accurate research and specific technical elements development that allows us to offer this low price highly performing line. The chassis in plastic steel contains a cooling system equipped by highly efficient evaporator in stainless steel able to lower water temperature down to +1°C

Refrigratore pensile a parete per ottimizzare gli spazi

water chiller in continuous -(antibacterial)

Refrigerated water without bacteria for an absolute hygiene; The water chiller in continuous prevents the formation of bacteria thanks to his stainless steel coil that makes water circulate without any contact with air.

refrigeratore pensile ad accumulo, soluzione ai problemi di spazio in laboratorio di panificazione

wall mounted accumulation water chillers

More space on the floor: efficiently as the standing models, the hanging water chillers have wall fixing support brackets which allow the wall installation, giving more space on the floor and in your blaboratory

refrigeratori d'acqua ad accumulo vertt

floor-standing accumulation water chillers

Versatile and performing: the rapid version of the storage water chillers can manage more doughs at the same time, providing up to 4 times the tank capacity with delivery every 15 minutes and un the standard version with hourly output equal to the tank capacity