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“Sitep products are born from passion and experience”

Sitep sede produzione macchinari per la panificazione
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“Our customers are cared by a ready and trained sales team.”

Sitep products are the result of years of passion and experience in bakery industry: This is what moves us to think about innovations and solutions to the daily needs of professionals in bakery art.

The world of Bakery is made of people, passion and love for the handmade product; every small or big bakery laboratory guards with love the secrets and recipees that make unique theyr product. Sitep is involved in this world and puts daily effort to be alongside to people, bakers and companies as synonym of guarantee and reliability.

It’s precisely because every reality is different, that Sitep bakery equipment is an indispensable resource to optimize, improve and consolidate the productive process; not by chance our motto is: “one customer, one solution”, that’s the meaning of our effort in provide personalized and highly functional systems for every client’s needs.

Thanks to a prepared and efficient pre-sale assistance service we ensure to follow our clients depending their needs, developing taylored systems and we work alongside them by giving assistance to maximize the system’s performances.

Over thirty years of experience in the bakery industry hallowed us to develop a large range of products like:

Thanks to our values of reliability, qualilty and attention for the client, Sitep is the choice of a lot of clients all over the world

"One Client, One Solution"