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Set the right temperature with just one touch thanks to the mixing valve

Sitep’s water meter Easy30 Mix is practical and intuitive; it also gives you the chance to set the right temperature of the water with one simple hand gesture thanks to the mixing valve and the integrated thermometer.

Earn one working hour every day

Sitep’s dosing/mixing water metere Easy 30 Mix delivers automatically the right amount of water to the mixing machine, reducing production times and eliminating any possibility of mistake.

Water dosing will no longer be a waste of time and it will allow you to save about one hour of work every day that you can dedicate to your work and passion.

Where are the 60 minutes? More than 10 doughs are made during the day, and for each you lose 5-7 minutes for manual dosage of water.

Low maintenance

Easy 30 Mix water metere requires limited maintenance thanks to prevention systems and devices such as the sand filter as protection from water impurities.

Technical specs

  • Precision +/- 1%
  • Pressure 0,5 – 5 bar
  • Discharge cable with “U” part in stainless steel included (3mt)


Max dosing (Lt)


Max temperature (°C)

Water dispensing (Lt/min)

Dimensions (cm)

Weight (Kg)