Modular cold rooms/Blast chillers for baking-pans:

abbattitore conservatore modulare

Freeze and preserve baking dough and pastry products

Sitep blast chiller allows you to blast freeze (down to -35°C) pastry products and baking doughs, also preserving them for medium-long timing. The specific inner cold and humid climate preserves the product even when it is free from packaging, improving process times and costs.

Reduces Bacterial load

Products can be frozen by thermal shock (-40°C) or by induction (-25°C), drastically reducing bacterial load. The second program allows to better preserve yeast particles, thanks to the cooling speed of the induction system. It directs cold air flow in circles with the aid of a blade ventilation system. 

Nutrition facts and organoleptic properties preservation

The 8 mm spaced fins of the increased surface evaporator considerably lowers product dehydratation, working no-stop up to eight hours without defrosting. Thanks to these improvements, the blast chiller preserves products in their nutrition values and organoleptic characteristics, due to the lower loss of liquids during thawing. 

Easy to use

The blast chiller is equipped with a stainless steel immersion product sensor. From the integrated LCD touchscreen it is possible to view and set all the parameters of the product blast chilling and storage; to start timed blast chilling programs or programs with product sensor enabled, and to set storage parameters at cycle end.

Technical specs

  • Modular structure made of anti-corrosion plasticized aluminium (optional: stainless steel)
  • High-density polyurethane foam complete insulation 
  • Tropicalized refrigeration unit
  • Automatic defrost system
  • 61×80 cm passageway single door 
  • nr.20 trays 60×80 cm (or nr.80 trays 60×40 cm) single room capacity
  • Voltage 400V-3-50Hz
  • Special voltage on request


Output Kg/cycle (kg)

Trays capacity

Dimensions out(cm)

Compressor power (Hp)

Power (w)


15kg (min-35°C)



40 (60×40)

20 (60×80)










30kg (min-35°C)



80 (60×40)

40 (60×80)










45kg (min-35°C)



120 (60×40)

60 (60×80)