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STEAM GENERATORSpdf lievitazione

GENERATORE DI VAPORE AD INIEZIONEpossibility of wall fixing


Speed up proofing times

Using a steam generator allows to control humidity value inside the proofer/proofer cabinet, creating ideal environment conditions to speed up and optimize the proofing process.


Recommended for soft and no-wet products

Steam generator is specifically indicated for soft and no-wet results.


Easy maintenance

The injection steam generator blows 110°C steam directly inside ventilation system, drastically cutting down air condensation on inside walls. Also limestone maintenance is reduced, due to a specific kind of water check.


Intense usage resistant

The use of stainless steel for inside structural parts, such as boiler and resistances, offers better performance against effects of prolonged exposition to steam corrosive power.


Easy to install

Limited overall dimensions and under pressure steam outlet allow it to be easily installed outside the proofer, without the need for aspirator or any other ducting elements. Also, steam generator can be installed on the wall, in case the space above the room does not have the necessary height.


Model Production per hour
Pressure inlet water
min-max (bar)

1 1 - 5
44x21x35h 230V-1-50Hz 1000 7,5
3,5 1 - 5 44x21x35h 400V-3-50Hz 3000 7,5

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