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The fermenter that scales by itself (AFTC)

AFTC calculates in real time the quantity of natural yeast into the tank and dosing any ingredient during the insertion.


Follows your production volumes (AFTC)

When the producton desired is halved, the fermenter offers a dynamic configuration driven by ‘half-load’ function. When it is enabled the product engineering optimize the energetic consumptions, reducing the absorbement and maintaining activated only the parts involved into the production of the first part of tank.


No-stop fermentation cycles (AFTC)

AFTC has an exclusive 4-steps automatic program ‘Mixing – Maturation – Intermediate (optional) – Conservation’. Thanks to removable lid the access at the tank is totally free, to simplify any operation of charging and cleaning.


Perfect for public exhibition: show the genuineness of your bread

Automatic fermenter has a structure with visible mixing paddle that shows the production process of natural yeast. Furthermore, the stainless steel chassis design (standard versions 20) makes the machine ideal for exhibition, valorizing the genuineness of your bread.


Improved digestibility of products

The fermenter allows you to obtain constantly renewed natural yeast with controlled dosage of water and flour. This prolonged action offers a relaxant effect to bread dough, making it softer and outstretched, improving digestibility and drastically reducing yeast intolerance effects.


Improved bread resistance to molds and bacteria

Thanks to included pH-meter, monitoring of acidity level of yeast allows an accurate and linear process of fermentation. This controlled balance makes bread dough more resistant to molds and bacteria.


Homogeneous yeasts production

The natural yeast mass presents homogeneous chemical and physical properties thanks to the automatic movement induced by the multi-speed inverter engine and by the electro-stirrer with scraping paddles.


Easy to use and to customize

The integrated touchscreen display offers electronic control of temperature, duration and speed in yeast maturation and storage phases. Entire production cycles can also be customized, programming the values of each phase.


Model Tank capacity
Useful capacity (lt)

Half-load capacity (lt)

5 4
- 450 26x43x65h
AFT 5+5 L 10 4+4
- 950
AFTC 40 L new icon 50 40
20 700
AFTC 80 L new icon 100 80
40 1.000
AFTC 120 L new icon 150 120
60 1.200

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