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No more large volumes seasonality problem

The room preserves the biga and other raw bread doughs without need to worry about risks tied to seasonality. Furthermore, it allows not to give up the only day free-from-work, shifting manufacturing to the day before and setting the biga maturation phase on the panel. This phase will be managed in total autonomy until your return.


Always excellent pre-fermented dough

Air circulation is uniform inside the room and this ensures well matured biga even with seasonal climate changing. Values of humidity and temperature are constant regardless of external conditions thanks to air flow regulation through ventilated refrigeration system run by electrical impulses and the stainless steel canalization system.


Easy maintenance and energy saving

The injection steam generator (optional) blows 110°C steam directly inside ventilation system, drastically cutting down air condensation on inside walls. Also limestone maintenance is reduced, due to a specific kind of water check. Air-conditioned flooring (optional), also takes part in these advantages too warming up during awakening and maturation phases.
Preventing condensation on the floor also means an important energy saving, due to not continuous functioning of the steam generator.


Highly performing at high temperatures

The tropicalized refrigeration unit allows the counter to fully work even in extreme temperature conditions, with room temperature up to +45°C.


Keep the room under control wherever and whenever (optional)

The room can be remotely monitored on your smartphone just with dedicated app and internet connection (optional). This application allows you to control the room everywhere but also our technical team to get promptly into action. From the integrated touchscreen (included) and the smartphone application (optional) you supervise the process in execution, set humidity values and memorize custom programs, giving you uncompromised flexibility and autonomy.


Technical specs

• modular structure made of high-density polyurethane foam panels, coated with anti-corrosion plasticized aluminum
optional: air-conditioned floor in anti-slip phenolic resin for food use, max flow 5000 kg/m2, high resistance also for carts with iron wheels (standard on CL/B MATIC model)
clear passage 70x190 cm (possibility to add extra doors on request)


Model Working temperature (°C)
Stowed dough quantity
Marn capacity (70lt/each)

da +1° a +45° 200
8 230V-1-50Hz 93x107x232h 617
CL/B2A da +1° a +45° 400
230V-1-50Hz 135x175x229h 1371
da +1° a +45° 600 24
230V-1-50Hz 175x175x229h 1807 250
CL/B3B da +1° a +45° 800 32 400V-3-50Hz 215x175x229h 3200 450

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