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Preserve baked products up to 3 days

Everfresh cabinet is ideal to preserve baked products up to three days. It is ideal for flexible production timing and gives you the opportunity to have a stock of ready-to-sell baked products, in case of unexpected demand.


Preserved and ‘everfresh’ products

Air circulation is uniform inside the cabinet and this ensures production constant results. Values of humidity and temperature are constantly under control thanks to air flow regulation through ventilated refrigeration system run by electrical impulses and the stainless steel canalization system. This prevents the ‘peel off’ effect caused by ventilation and reduces electricity consumption.


No more opaque effect

Impulse ventilation system automatically turns on when the door opens. This action immediately dries condensation on the product avoiding risk of opaque effect on chocolate, icing or fruit.


Easy maintenance and energy saving

The injection steam generator blows 110°C steam directly inside ventilation system, drastically cutting down air condensation on inside walls. Also limestone maintenance is reduced, due to a specific kind of water check. High-density polyurethane foam isolation contributes to the energy saving.
The cabinet automatically defrosts making water from condensation evaporate thanks to a dedicated electrical resistance. This system makes it possible to avoid any annoying manual discharge filter or any installation of dedicated hydraulic discharge.


Highly performing at high temperatures

The tropicalized refrigeration unit allows the cabinet to fully work even in extreme temperature conditions, with room temperature up to +40°C.


Keep the cabinet under control wherever and whenever (optional)

Everfresh cabinet can be also used in ‘retarder proofer’ or ‘proofer’ mode and remotely monitored on your smartphone just with dedicated app and internet connection (optional). This application allows you to control the cabinet everywhere but also our technical team to get promptly into action. From the integrated touchscreen (included) and the smartphone application (optional) you supervise the process in execution, set humidity values and memorize custom programs, giving you uncompromised flexibility and autonomy.


Technical specs

- stainless steel chassis
reversible self-closing doors (optional glass doors)
- inside brackets for trays
- working temperature: from -9°C to +45°C


Model Capacity
Trays capacity

20 x (60x40) 79x70x205h 230V-1-50Hz 1600 130
40 x (60x40) 144x80x212h 230V-1-50Hz 1800 250
1400 20 x (60x80) o
40 x (60x40)
230V-1-50Hz 1800 145

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