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Easily build or convert your retarder proofer room

Monoblock system is designed and developed to transfer SITEP's retarder proofer technology to your room, drastically reducing installation costs and times. The system can be installed in new or preexistent rooms requiring no specialized assistance from technicians thanks to quick connection cabling.


Recommended for industrial production

Monoblock system is ideal for realization of rooms dedicated industrial production of all kind of dough. It preserves fragrance and flavor thanks to longer proofing time, at low temperatures too.


Less staff costs and more productivity

Retarder proofer system moves production to any moment of the day scheduling desired cooking time, so staff costs are lowered and staff productivity during daytime in weekdays is increased.


Constant results without ‘peel off’ effect

Air circulation is uniform inside the room and this ensures production constant results. Values of humidity and temperature are constantly under control thanks to air flow regulation through ventilated refrigeration system run by electrical impulses and the stainless steel canalization system. This prevents the ‘peel off’ effect caused by ventilation and reduces electricity consumption.


Easy maintenance and energy saving

The injection steam generator blows 110°C steam directly inside ventilation system, drastically cutting down air condensation on inside walls. Also limestone maintenance is reduced, due to a specific kind of water check. Air-conditioned flooring, standard in this machine, also takes part in these advantages too. This floor warms up at the same temperature of the room and it is controlled by a sensor measuring the dew point and preventing air condensation.
Preventing condensation on the floor also means important energy saving, thanks to not continuous functioning of the steam generator.


Highly performing at high temperatures

The tropicalized refrigeration unit included permits to the cell a full cycle of work in extreme heat conditions, where the ambient temperature can reach +45°C. The pre-charged engine can be installed over the room close to the monoblock unit or remotely. For a minor noise pollution, the room can be equipped with a super silent refrigeration unit with maximum noise level 45 dB (optional).


Keep the proofer under control wherever and whenever (optional)

Monoblock retarder proofer system can be remotely monitored on your smartphone just with dedicated app and internet connection (optional). This application allows you to control the proofer everywhere but also our technical team to get promptly into action. From the integrated touchscreen (included) and the smartphone application (optional) you supervise the retarder proofing process in execution, set humidity values and memorize custom programs, giving you uncompromised flexibility and autonomy.





kg dough
MBC 100
20 115x135x47h
400V-3-50Hz 4,5 100
MBC 200
35 135x135x47h 400V-3-50Hz 6,5 200
MBC 300
40 175x135x47h 400V-3-50Hz 6,5 300 145

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