Shots delivery system

Shots delivery system is a softwar function of GT and PRO series water meters to multi-step dose water, created for softer doughs.

As standard all the GT and PRO water meters have this innovative function, created to manage softer doughs.

An highly hydrated dough with over 60% of water (such as ciabatta or pita) requires greater attention to the dosage of water, due to a longer time of process and absorption of glutinic-net.

To overcome this problem with very soft doughs, SITEP equipped the GT series flow meters with a ‘pulse discharge’ software function. Thanks to this function, it is possible to add to the total amount of water required by the recipe some additional parameters, such as:

  1. How much water to download at the beginning with the first step
  2. Number of successive steps
  3. How many seconds pass between the first and second steps
  4. How many seconds elapse between the following steps