Energy saving: CEK cooling technology

Cooling technology with CEK system is an innovation that hallows a big saving of nenrgy. Sitep uses this technology in his refrigeration systems to reduce consumption and ensure safety and reliaility.

Being able to manifacture high energy saving solutions is not a choice, it is necessary; CEK system hallows to build highly sustainable plants that minimize costs.

From the daily attention we put in reduce negative impact we all have on our environment, comes the choice to use CEK techonolgy on our systems: in this way the refrigeration system can work at peak performances using 80% less refrigerating gas.

tecnologia del freddo CEK ad iniezione diretta, celle frigo, risparmio energetico

6 Reasons to use CEK technology:

  • Increases the security of the cooling plant
  • Permits to build plants with low environmental impact
  • Allows to reduce traditional energy consumption with installation costs in inverse proportion to the power unit mounted
  • Represents a recomended investment on future fillments caused by continuous increases of prices, thanks to the main characteristic to reduce refrigerant gas involved
  • The absence of thermostatic valves increases the reliability of plants and reduces costs in energy management
  • No risks of lock driven by humidity

Energy saving in baking industry:

The main advantage on CEK technology is the absence of thermostatic valve and the removal of liquid receiver, which is no longer necessary.

Thanks to CEK technology the plant is able to work on maximum efficiency with 80% less refrigerant gas, rquiring a significantly lower amount to be recharged in case of leak. Furthermore, the exclusion of the liquid receiver increases the undercooling at the end of condensation but without any loss of pressure, increasing the energy efficiency.

Each CEK system is equipped with a low pressure transducer and a coil temperature probe.

Another feature is the CEK algorithm present in the control unit which allows the reuse of the liquid receiver of an existing traditional system as an automatic refill of refrigerant.

‘CEK’ water cooling technology